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Bruno T.C noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very warm and friendly. Being able to eat such delicious food in Paris is a blessing for your mouth! The price/performance ratio is also great, the price is right, and the quantity is large! (Original) 非常热情友好,能在巴黎吃这样的美食简直就是嘴巴的福音哇!性价比也巨高,价格合适,量很多!

2 months ago
Jérôme C noted on Google

2 months ago
Nathalie Massip noted on Google

Mon restaurant chinois préféré à Paris, j'y vais régulièrement et j'en parle à tous mes amis et collègues....j'adore tous leurs plats mais il faut être prêt à manger épicé. (Translated by Google) My favorite Chinese restaurant in Paris, I go there regularly and I tell all my friends and colleagues about it....I love all their dishes but you have to be prepared to eat spicy food.

2 months ago
Anne saraval noted on Google

2 months ago
Louis Barbier noted on Google

Très bons plats, plusieurs visites, jamais déçu (Translated by Google) Very good dishes, several visits, never disappointed

2 months ago
YU LU noted on Google

3 months ago
Jimmy biard noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The restaurant is well maintained, the cuisine is good and fine in the mouth, dishes that I have not seen in other restaurants, plates served with correct quantities, clean toilets which are rare in certain restaurants, the price is reasonable ~ 30 to 40 € per person with starter + main course + dessert and with a large beer with it, personally I would go back, if we don't eat everything they make us take away the rest🍽🥢🍷😉👍 (Original) Le restaurant est bien entretenu, la cuisine est bonne et fine en bouche, des plats que je n'ai pas vue dans d'autres restaurants, des assiettes servis avec des quantité correct, des wc propre se qui est rare dans certain restaurant, le prix est raisonnable ~ 30 à 40 € par personne avec entrée + plat + dessert et avec une grande bière avec, personnellement j'y retournerais, si nous n'avons pas tout manger ils nous font à emporter le reste🍽🥢🍷😉👍

3 months ago
Kate Kyunghye Kwak noted on Google

3 months ago
Silvia Y noted on Google

(Translated by Google) There are several Chinese restaurants near Yunnan Sanhe. This restaurant always has a lot of customers. Many people come to eat at noon, and many people come to eat the intestines and blood rice noodles in the evening. I ordered three dishes for lunch, one mapo tofu (spicy taste), one green pepper eggplant (sweet and spicy taste, the pepper is very spicy), and one bacon fried rice. Every dish is delicious! ! ! Don’t miss it if you like spicy food A total of 23.5 euros, delicious and not expensive! The beef rice noodles and intestine blood rice noodles we had at night were also delicious. The total price is 19.6 euros and the taste is very good! (Original) 云南三和附近有好几家中餐厅,这家店客人总是很多,中午来吃很多人,晚上来吃的肠血米线也很多人 中午点了三个菜,一个麻婆豆腐(麻辣口味),一个青椒擂茄子(甜辣口味,辣椒很辣很辣),一个腊肉炒饭,每一个菜都很好吃!!!喜欢吃辣的不要错过 一共23.5欧,好吃不贵! 晚上吃的牛肉米线和肠血米线,味道也很好 一共19.6欧,味道也很好!

3 months ago
rury tisyana noted on Google

best !

3 months ago

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